Monday, August 1, 2011

Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

The other week a couple of friends emailed me asking what skin care products I use, so I thought I'd do a post on the cruelty-free skin-care, body-care and make-up products that I use daily. Where possible I try and support vegan-only companies, but if that's not possible then I make sure that the company is a cruelty-free company (doesn't test on animals), and that the products I use from their range are vegan-friendly (no animal ingredients).

These two concepts can be confusing for some people (it definitely confused me initially)! A company stating that they are "cruelty-free" may just be referring to the fact that they don't test their products on animals but that their products may still contain animal-derived ingredients. With these companies it is worth contacting them to find out which of their products are specifically "vegan-friendly."

"Vegan-friendly" is generally a term that refers to a product that is suitable for vegans. The product will contain no animal-derived ingredients whatsoever. Some companies are both cruelty-free and vegan, whereas other companies are cruelty free with some vegan products. So bottom line is, it's always worth researching the company and their products first!

Also, buying Australian-produced products is great because you are saving on transportation and the impact that has on the environment plus at the same time supporting locally-produced products. I have to admit I am yet to find some cruelty-free Aussie products that don't react with my skin-type (highly sensitive), and so you will see that from my list there is only a very small percentage that is Australian produced and owned.

Please also note that the below products are just what works for MY skin type. Everyone has different skin needs and different financial budgets, and whilst the products below work really well for me, that's not to say you can't find some equally great products that are a lot cheaper/less packaging/more natural ingredients. For me, natural ingredients can also equate to big irritants for my skin, so finding great products has been a trial and error process for me.

** CF+V (cruelty-free company plus vegan-only company)
**CFC only, VF product (cruelty-free company only -not all their products are vegan-friendly, but this particular product is vegan-friendly).


  • DeLorenzo hair shampoos/conditioners/hairspray (CF+V)
  • Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Lotion (CFC only, VF product)
Toothpaste: Phyto Shield Herbal Toothpaste (CF+V)
Deodorant: Body Crystal Botanica (CFC only, VF product). They are owned by a perfumery company which is not vegan, and I am still waiting for confirmation that "Queen's Perfumery" is indeed cruelty-free. If it isn't then I shall be switching deodorants, so if anyone knows... Let me know!

  • MAC everything (well, nearly)! Foundation, lipstick, mineral powder/bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, lip liner (CFC only, VF products). MAC are great -very willing to let you know the full ingredient lists for their products. It can be a bit exhausting scrolling through the list and checking the ingredients, however they do quality products so it is worth the research.
  • Dr Hauschka lipstick (CFC only, VF product). Again, ask them for their ingredient listings as some of their products contain animal-ingredients to produce the pigment colours (same as MAC).
  • Inika Eye Shadow (CF+V)
  • i.d. Bare Minerals Glimmer Eye Shadow (CFC only, VF product).
Makeup Brushes:
  • Powder brush, blush brush, eyebrow shaper and bronzer brush all by EcoTools (CFC+V)
So they are all my products! I would ideally like to reduce the amount I use so that I can save on packaging, perhaps even start researching making my own cleansers etc from non-irritating food ingredients. Any tips?!

Also, please let me know if perhaps something I have listed is incorrect. I have stuck with these products for a while now, so maybe over time their company or ingredients have changed. I welcome any feedback!

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  1. Wow! Thanks Jess, my partner and I have been looking for similar 'friendly' products in the UK for quite's a pity we don't live down under! I found your article really helpful and will see which of the products lsted are available in the Uk. :)